2210-1K -1930's era Allis-Chalmers Transformer Kit

2210-1K -1930's era Allis-Chalmers Transformer Kit
2210-1K -1930's era Allis-Chalmers Transformer Kit
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Electricity is everywhere. But how do we distribute it, reduce or increase its power value from service lines in the field? With transformers of course. We offer this great 1930's era Allis-Chalmers transformer kit for you to build and use on your layout or industrial scene. It is an easy-to-build kit that can be completed in an evening. It can be used as a load on a depressed center flat car as shown in picture 2. It can also be placed next to a factory on your layout in order to bring power to your industry.

Our 1930's A-C transformer is designed based upon research of Allis-Chalmers transformers that have been in use since their service entry in the 1930's. This 16 part transformer kit is made of non-toxic polyurethane resin and comes with brass wire for added details. The side opposite that pictured does not have the same level of detail. It has four I Beams only. The wood blockings are separate from the base and can be left off if using in an industrial scene rather than as a load. Measurements are 2-3/4” high (plus 1/4” for the platform), 3-7/8” wide, (4” wide including the blocking), and 2-1/16” deep.


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